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Finding the right space for your start-up is mission critical.


William Provine, President and CEO of Delaware Innovation Space, discusses how global entrepreneurs can collaborate with experts, access best-in-class technology and interact with other scientists to transform their science and technology start-ups into industry – leading companies.


Shareable, flexible, short- and long- term access to sophisticated labs is a given. But you want more. You want to work where people care about your success.

A total environment—an innovation ecosystem—with services and support that will make your venture grow and thrive.

Access to industry-leading equipment, available when you need it in a safe, secure, state-of-the-art facility.

Advice from influential experts of top tier companies who willingly give their time.

Strategic expertise to help you with business and marketing plans, research operations, and more.

Connections and networking opportunities with early-stage investors and venture capitalists.

Brainstorming opportunities with peer scientists and university academics. Networking and education events customized to your needs.

On-site companies you can turn to who’ve been there, done that.

And a location that’s right at the heart of the Washington DC – New York corridor, close enough to major commercial and scientific hubs to matter and far enough away to make your lifestyle affordable.

It has an impressive pedigree.

Located in Wilmington, Delaware on the Experimental Station campus, Delaware Innovation Space is a nonprofit that credits the State of Delaware, DuPont and the University of Delaware as its founding partners.

100,000 square feet of multi-use, laboratory space for the industrial biotech, advanced materials, chemical ingredients, renewable energy, nutrition and healthcare fields.

Fee-based private laboratory suites, shared open laboratory space, premium lab equipment, hands-on support services, shared-use conference rooms, networking events, education, training, networking, mentoring and more.

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Launch event on April 24th with Governor John Carney, University of Delaware President Dennis Assanis, & DuPont Chief Science & Technology Officer Doug Muzyka with our CEO Bill Provine

Alexa Dembek, Director of Science and Innovation at DuPont, describes innovation through collaboration between marketing, science and entrepreneurial thought leaders.

Charles Riordan, VP for Research, Scholarship and Innovation at the University of Delaware, sees the Delaware Innovation Space as underpinning the university’s core mission of economic development through experiential learning.

Dennis Assanis, President of the University of Delaware, describes the Delaware Innovation Space as enabling dreams of inventors and students.

Doug Gramiak, Chief of Staff to Governor Carney, describes the shift to the innovation economy in Delaware.

Doug Muzyka, Chief Science & Technology Officer at DuPont, discusses innovation and collaboration at the Experimental Station, location of Delaware Innovation Space.

John Carney, Governor of Delaware, discusses the importance of an innovation, science-based, start-up economy in Delaware.

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